That               myfamily.That's my mother补充句子

日期:2017.10.12 | 分类:数学

A;That               myfamily.That's my mother

B;             he?

A;             my father.

B;Who's               ?

A;She's               sister.

B;And                they?

A;             my grandparents.



  • is ,who is,he is,she,my,who,they are,(每个空已用逗号隔开)望采纳!


  • A;That  is  my family.That's my mother

    B;   who is  he?

    A;     He is  my father.

    B;Who's   the little girl            ?

    A;She's      my  sister.

    B;And     are   they?

    A;     They are  my grandparents.

  • A;That       is        myfamily.That's my mother

    B; Who is            he?

    A; He is            my father.

    B;Who's       she        ?

    A;She's      my         sister.

    B;And       who are         they?

    A;They are             my grandparents.